Prices For Inventory Services, EPCs, Gas Inspections and Floor Plans

Inventories London offers a variety of rates combinations for inventory report, check in and check out report, interim report,  EPC report, gas certificate and floor planning.

Studio / 1 Bed £85 £95 £115 £125
2 Bed £95 £110 £130 £150
3 Bed £115 £130 £155 £180
4 Bed £140 £160 £185 £215
5 Bed £160 £180 £210 £240
6+ Bed Call office Call office Call office Call office


Studio / 1 Bed £70 £80
2 Bed £85 £95
3 Bed £105 £120
4 Bed £120 £140
5 Bed £140 £170
6+ Bed Call office Call office


Number of appliances Price
1 Gas appliance £90
2 Gas appliances £90
3 Gas appliances £115
4 Gas appliances £115
5+ Gas appliances Call office


Studio / 1 Bed £65
2 Bed £65
3 Bed £65
4 Bed £65
5 Bed £65
6+ Bed Call office


Studio/ 1 Bed £55
2 Bed £60
3 Bed £65
4 Bed £70
5 Bed £80


For bookings please call one of our contact centre team on 020 3404 5175 or by email at

Special Offer Conditions

  • Promotional offer cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.
  • Promotional offer does not apply for minimum charges.
  • Promotional offer applies for all new bookings above £120.
  • If you have any questions relating to these Redeem conditions please contact us.

Service Terms & Conditions:

  • The rooms included in a standard report are: 1 kitchen, 1 lounge/living room, hallways, relevant number of bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
  • Additional rooms considered as such: dining rooms, (through lounge/living/dining rooms will be counted as 2 rooms), extra bathrooms/shower rooms, landings, conservatories, cellars, gardens and furnished balconies and will be charged at an additional £15 per room.
  • We require 48 hours notice to cancel or postpone a planned visit.
  • Sunday appointments are subject to a £10 surcharge.
  • Parking and congestion fees applicable. Exceptions possible depending on availability.
  • Payment is payable on completion of the inventory inspection before the the landlord, agent or the tenant receives the report. Exceptions only for corporate clients with established partnerships.
  • Reports will be e-mailed within 72 hours of the inspection.
  • The landlord/tenant will have seven days to make any requests for amendments/changes to this report and these amendments/changes will be noted in case they present the actual state and condition of the property. Such will be marked as landlord/tenant comments.

For bookings please call Inventories London contact centre team on 020 3404 5175 or by email at

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The inventory clerk was very professional, friendly and polite. He really knows what he is doing as he worked hastefully and did a really good, well-detailed report. Exactly what Ineeded. Thank you for the recommendations for the scratched floor too.Elliot Nicholls

A good thing that I hired an independent company. The report sent is very thorough, there are recommendations for areas that are wrong and most importantly the price is reasonable and the report arrived pretty quickly compared to other companies I have used.Kate Griffiths

Amazingly quick service! The reports arrived exactly when promised, and I really needed those real quick. This company understood the situation and reacted accordingly, saving me a lot of trouble. Thank you once again, it was amazing!Mason Lewis

All reports were verynicely done and professional. Exactly what was needed in the case, job well done, I have already recommended you!William Rees

A job well done, saved me quite some money, time and troubles. I guess I will usethem again if needed, of course.Aaliyah Morgan